• What are your dreams?
  • Who are you really?
  • What inspires you?
  • What is your vision?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your purpose?​

"I found LifePilot to be an excellent program as it provided some wonderful tools for living a more effective, balanced and rewarding life. I would highly recommend this to everyone and in fact I just enrolled those closest to me to attend the next date."


LifePilot's Founder & Navigator Peter Thomas joined Randy Lennon for an interiview on

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"Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the LifePilot adventure today.  I thought the content and delivery for the program was excellent.  I have spent a good part of the last eight months clarifying my values.  Getting that first piece right is where all else follows from. I am now clarifying my values. Your course is a timely framework for articulating and realizing these goals."



"LifePilot was well worth the time. In a few short hours you can really focus and plan for what's really important in your life. This is the strategic plan for your life. We've already started putting our LifePilot plan into place." 

LifePilot: where your values become clear and your decisions become easier. Imagine having tools to make clear choices for your future!

With the aim to maximize potential, LifePilot delivers programs that are a catalyst for positive personal change and growth. At the LifePilot organization, we use simple, tangible tools for values-based living and leadership.  These tools take the form of workshops, presentations, books and web based solutions.

LifePilot draws on history's greatest thinkers and many of the successful people LifePilot Founder and Chairman, Peter H. Thomas has met and worked with. The process is fortified with over four decades of Peter's own profound experience as a highly successful business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist. With over 5,500 graduates from all walks of life, LifePilot has been endorsed by some of the wealthiest and most successful individuals worldwide.


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Beyond the perceptions, at the core of your being.

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LifePilot programs offer participants of all ages a tried and true experience for personal focus, direction & committment

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