Inspired by a Young Presidents' Organization University class he attended decades ago in Hawaii, Peter H. Thomas, Founder and Chairman of LifePilot, learned the power of recognizing what is important in life and setting priorities in accordance with that.  He never looked back.  Living in alignment with his values, Peter has enjoyed one huge success after another, on a personal level and as a high profile entrepreneur, buying, selling and operating top notch business ventures for more than four decades.

Sadly, this amazing existence was marred by a tragedy in 2000, when he lost his only son, Todd, to suicide. Todd was a gifted, spiritual young man who lived a life of conflict. He had a severe sleeping disorder and over the years was diagnosed as manic-depressive, bi-polar, chemically imbalanced, and even schizophrenic.

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Peter focused his grief in a positive direction, and decided to honor and celebrate Todd's life by galvanizing his method of values-based goal setting and share it with others. Peter found like-minded people who paralleled this passion and understood the theory behind it - together they created LifePilot.

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