Never Fight with a Pig

by Peter H. Thomas

A Survival guide for entrepreneirs


by Peter H. Thomas

LifeManual is your manual to living life to its fullest, with integrity, focus and self-determination all in tune with your values. LifeManual is based on the worldrenowned LifePilotĀ® program. With LifeManual, you will discover a sense of purpose, inner strength and freedom you never imagined possible. You will create the life you deserve and become the pilot of your own destiny.

Windows of Opportunities

by Peter H. Thomas

21 steps to successful selling.

Recipes for Life:

The Power of Healthy Living and Delicious Meets Nutritious

by Rita Thomas, Erin Holm

A great friendship connects clean living with recipes to thrive on! This unique set of books: The Power of Healthy Living and Delicious Meets Nutritious addresses WHOLE health. This talented duo combines an in depth look at the importance of food as it relates to nutrition, and pairs it with a stunning cookbook and many wonderful healthy living tips.  If you are confused by all the mixed messages on health and dieting, this is the best resource you will ever find to lead you on your true path to optimal health.  The two hardcover books are mounted in a beautiful boxed set.

Be Great: The Five Foundations of an Extraodinary Life

by Peter H. Thomas

When you establish core Values and live your life by those Values decisions and choices become clear. This book reveals the importance of personal Values and how to discover your own. Building on a values foundation the author shows us how to use Focus, Visualization, Inspiration, and Reflection to reach our unlimited potential. The stories are inspiring, the author's life is fascinating, and the information is presented clearly and concise.

Business Ground Rules: Be Great In Business

by Peter H. Thomas, Tony Jeary

Business Ground Rules offers entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs the opportunity to take their business to the highest levels! This book is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to achieve radical success.   Two remarkable high achievers, Peter H. Thomas and Tony Jeary deliver 100 secrets to creating your own wealth and success.  It is not just about being rich - it's about living a richer life.


by Rita Thomas, Erin Holm

A simple guide to healthy living.