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Computers, cars and airplanes come with operating manuals ... so why don't humans? LifePilot gives you the chance to create an operations manual for your life – one based on your personal and fundamental values with action steps to achieve an effective, balanced, and fulfilled life.

What do you want out of life? Are you on the right path and does it match your vision and values? With no operating manual to guide you through the challenges of life, it’s not surprising so many of us wind up feeling off-balance, unfulfilled or just plain lost. We rush from one task to another. We reach for success, only to achieve it and discover it isn’t as satisfying as we hoped it would be. And it seems there’s never enough time for all the things that really matter to us.  By attending a LifePilot workshop you will develop your own LifeManual workbook that you can utilize in your daily lives.

Candid dialogue, thought provoking interaction and exercises, inspiring stories, rewarding personal reflection, the LifePilot program, utilizing the LifeManual workbook compliments conventional education, offering participants of all ages a tried and true experience for personal focus, direction, and commitment. The simple yet tangible tools are applicable at any transitional stage in life or career and are critically important for maximizing one’s personal potential.

For each of our program channels, we engage highly qualified navigators who have a background and experience to suit the audience.

Life inevitably comes with challenges. More demands and less time can really move us off course… and sometimes, we need a system to keep track of what we truly value, what we actually want, and where we’re headed. LifePilot is that system. It’s an easy step-by-step guide to discovering your most passionate, interesting, and true self. Find out how you can take, read the book, or participate in a workshop near you.

LifePilot provides a self-directed process that empowers
people to live in alignment with their values.